6 Tips to Negotiate Your Salary

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You did it. After countless interviews, resume revisions, and thank-you emails, you were offered your dream job at a company that is a great fit for you. Read More »

Time to Dump the Trump!

Donald Trump
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Recently, The Azara Group commented on the need for companies to diversify their boardrooms to stay in touch with a changing American population. Read More »

Nazis, Nudity, and Rejecting “No Means No” — Today’s Marketing Realities

No Means No

To avoid alienating their consumers, businesses must diversify their workforce and leadership. The makeup of Corporate America’s boardrooms needs to mirror the evolving diversity of the American people. Read More »

Career Suicide – Lying Like NBC’s Brian Williams

Career Suicide – Lying Like NBC's Brian Williams
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Last February, we all saw the career of Brian Williams from NBC Nightly News unravel after he was exposed for lying and exaggerating in his news reporting. Read More »

Banning Salary Negotiations – Is Ellen Pao Right?

Banning Salary Negotiations to Curb Gender & Race Pay Disparities – Is Ellen Pao Right?
“Men negotiate harder than women, and sometimes women get penalized when they do negotiate.” – Ellen Pao, CEO of Reddit

This past March and April, many of us closely watched Ellen Pao’s high-profile gender discrimination lawsuit play out in the courts. Read More »