Building a Winning Team Culture – Lessons in Sports & Corporate America


In sports, commentators and analysts often talk about the necessity of team chemistry and players “being on the same page” in order to win. Teams with long and sustained success are characterized by their “winning culture” that establishes expectations and chemistry. Read More »

June 2017 Thought Leader Spotlight – Tracy McKibben

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As part of The Azara Group’s monthly newsletter, we select a business leader to share insights about leadership, being an influencer, and career development. Our objective is to help support your ability to flourish as a leader and share what makes people thrive in business. Read More »

Avoiding an Uber-Bad Mistake – Diversity’s Cautionary Tale for the Tech Industry

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This is the second article in a series addressing diversity issues in Silicon Valley and Corporate America. This series explores solutions and best practices for increasing diversity in the workplace. Read More »

Life After Pro Sports – Time to Plan for the Inevitable


Most professional athletes have dedicated their lives since childhood to beating out other athletes to make it to the starting roster. The chance of making it to “the pros” is low, and the cost of trying to get there is high. Read More »

5 Tips for Starting a New Job – Be Proactive & Strategic!


Starting a new job comes with excitement, anticipation, and anxiety. You want to be successful, but do not know what to expect. To set yourself up to be a star performer, you need to be proactive and have a strategy. Read More »