Professional Athletes

Professional athletes, sports leagues, and organizations need specialized services tailored to their unique experience. We understand the distinct nature of grooming athletes and sports industry professionals to lead on and off of the field and have lasting positive community impact.

We specialize in helping athletes and professionals in the sports industry. Our expertise is in facilitating smooth transitions through all stages of an athlete’s career.

We focus on leadership development, career strategy, and negotiation skills. We work with you one-on-one to support your lasting career success beyond the game. Our aim is to empower you to remain financially stable throughout your career, and to equip you to better direct your own career path so that you have more control of your life.

We also help leagues and organizations develop more robust initiatives and platforms to support athletes and sports industry professionals. By providing strategy consulting services, we can help organizations improve their bottom line and protect their brand.

Working with athletes and sports organizations to:

  • Coach athletes in their transition from professional sports into lasting careers after sports.
  • Provide comprehensive leadership training that can improve performance on and off the field.
  • Develop, deliver, and consult on leadership development programs and strategic initiatives.
  • Assist sports organizations in optimizing the capabilities of their active and retired athletes, professional staff, and core constituents.