Student Athletes

We recognize that universities and athletic departments are not just producing accomplished athletes and educating young people.

Universities are preparing student-athletes for careers as professional athletes and for the workforce once their sports careers have ended. We want to help your university facilitate a smooth transition for your athletes from being leaders on the field to being leaders in their post-college careers.

To be successful, remain financial stable throughout their careers, and to leave college as effective leaders, student athletes need to be well equipped to direct their own career paths and control their lives.

Working with athletic departments to:

  • Empower students to negotiate compensation packages – including increasing comfort levels by proactively negotiating with companies, agents, managers, and business partners.
  • Motivate student athletes to be strategic and thoughtful in planning their careers – including being tactical about controlling their public image and brand.
  • Prepare student athletes for life after sports and to effectively transition into their first job.
  • Empower students to be strong leaders on and off the field, and in the workplace.