The outcome of a negotiation can have a lasting impact on individuals and organizations. Yet too often, people go into negotiations without the proper preparation. The Azara Group helps individuals and organizations improve the outcomes of their negotiations and increase their influence.

Our one-on-one consultations and group training programs offer our clients practical advice on how to prepare for and execute complex negotiations. The Azara Group leverages its deep negotiation expertise to strategize with clients and guide them towards better results.

Formal negotiations may only happen occasionally, but small negotiations happen every day – from whose ideas are included on the agenda and which team member’s product innovation gets funded to who is selected to lead the team. The collective outcome of these critical conversations determines an individual’s level of influence.

The Azara Group trains individuals to master negotiations – big and small – to increase their influence and become stronger leaders.

The Azara Group:

  • Advises clients one-on-one for complex negotiations to gain strategic leverage.
  • Offers workshops to improve negotiation skills.
  • Negotiates and mediates directly on behalf of clients.
  • Facilitates discussions to drive organizational results.
  • Provides guidance for teams to reach consensus.