What We Do

The Azara Group is a consulting firm that promotes the development of business leaders in an increasingly competitive and diverse marketplace.

We provide leadership development, negotiation, and strategy consulting services to companies, institutions, athletes, and private clients. We work with our clients to strengthen their effectiveness as leaders and advance their industry success. We also offer services promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

We help people and organizations get what they want, achieve their goals, and advance their business and professional objectives. Our trusted advisors focus on getting results, and we have a proven track record in expanding financial and career outcomes for our clients.

Our mission is to make organizations and people more competitive by helping them solve problems and strategically use the art of influencing to drive results.

Leadership Development Expertise

With proven expertise helping Fortune 500 executives and organizations become more impactful, we have the experience to help you thrive as industry leaders. This includes serving as a trusted advisor in solving leadership challenges, coaching executives in career strategy, and consulting on leadership development initiatives and training programs.

Strategy Consulting Expertise

Our keen insight into solving problems and our commitment to generating creative solutions can help you develop innovative ways to tackle your organization’s challenges – including collaborating with you in reaching core business goals, driving sustainable results, and analyzing where you are headed so you can flourish and grow – not just today – but for many years to come.

Negotiation Expertise

Our many years of negotiation experience working on deals up to $1 billion can help you with your negotiation and influencing needs – including advising and strategizing with clients in complex negotiations, guiding teams towards consensus, and developing negotiation and influencing training for organizations.

Diversity Expertise

With extensive diversity experience, we are ready to support your organization in preparing diverse talent for the workplace and creating a more inclusive environment. We are devoted to fostering increased career opportunities for diverse talent – including developing leadership training, empowering business leaders to better manage diverse teams, advising on diversity initiatives and efforts, and providing diverse groups with critical soft skills needed to become leaders within their organizations.